Look Pretty, Play Dirty

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“Look Pretty, Play Dirty” 4 inch wide vinyl decal.

Measurements: 4 inch wide, 2.5 height

Font Colors Available:

Pink, Magenta, Black, White, Smurf Blue, Pastel Blue, Navy Blue,  Red, Orange, Melon, Yellow, Green, Lime Green, Purple, lavender, silver, gold, and Mint Green.

This vinyl is good for indoor or outdoor use, and when applied correctly onto the recommended surfaces can last up to 6 years. Vinyl is waterproof and weatherproof, and has a glossy finish. Vinyl may leave residue when removed. Gold and sliver have a flat finish (not matte or glossy).

My decals are best applied onto most smooth flat and clean surfaces. You can apply onto drywall, windows, car windows, vehicles, glass, lap tops, etc. They do NOT apply onto any textured or rugged surfaces.

Application Instructions will be included in package.

Application Instructions:
Step 1. Completely clean and dry the desired application surface with an alcohol swab, or rubbing alcohol.
Step 2. Carefully peel the backing paper from the decal at a sharp angle.
Step 3. Align the decal and press it onto the desired surface. Firmly run a credit card across the transfer tape to make sure the decal adheres to the surface.
Step 4. Slowly peel the transfer tape from the top of the decal. If any part of the decal starts to come up with the tape, run over that part of the decal with a credit card and try to peel the tape again.