Floating Ornament With Photo, Quote, & Angel Wings

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“Floating" photo ornament adhered to beautiful Angel Wings. 

These make lovely one-of-a-kind gifts for anyone in remembrance of a loved one who has passed.

This is a shatter proof plastic disc ornament. Your ornament will look just like the one in the photos, with your own photo printed inside.

Not only will this breathtaking ornament touch your heart, but for additional sentiment, white feathers are added inside the ornaments, to remember your Angel.

When ordering, please message me with your photo. You may send either a black and white, or color photo. Picture clarity is important. I do not edit the photos to make them darker/lighter. I use your photo as it is sent to me, and then size it properly to fit in the ornament. If you send me a faint/blurry photo, that is how it will look in the ornament.

****If you are ordering a customized ornament with another quote, please just specify which quote you'd like in the note to me when ordering.****

Please indicate the quote that you would like on your ornament.

1- Your wings were ready My Heart Was Not

2- Because someone we love is in Heaven…There’s a little bit of Heaven in our Home

3- An Angel in the house they say will guard your family night and day.

4- Personalized Quote.